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1$ 42,722.00$ 800.84 B$ 32.68 B0.42%0.90%9.54%12.82%
2$ 2,906.93$ 339.85 B$ 22.28 B1.47%0.13%14.81%10.04%
3$ 2.43$ 77.07 B$ 5.05 B0.68%8.50%3.38%11.31%
4$ 1.00$ 69.66 B$ 66.59 B0.26%0.02%0.10%0.30%
5$ 350.36$ 54.04 B$ 1.34 B0.88%0.25%13.69%30.35%
6$ 0.946212$ 43.83 B$ 3.47 B0.01%1.50%11.38%19.19%
7$ 138.09$ 40.85 B$ 2.34 B1.13%0.02%6.43%93.10%
8$ 30.18$ 31.00 B$ 1.68 B1.50%0.90%8.81%15.86%
9$ 1.00$ 30.80 B$ 2.61 B0.06%0.12%0.32%0.31%
10$ 0.208654$ 27.20 B$ 959.27 M0.13%0.04%13.40%28.80%
11$ 69.47$ 15.35 B$ 1.21 B1.96%5.43%1.40%47.23%
12$ 36.95$ 14.77 B$ 2.15 B1.67%2.16%7.63%22.45%
13$ 1.00$ 13.60 B$ 4.30 B0.41%0.07%0.39%0.46%
14$ 40.14$ 11.14 B$ 1.73 B0.77%0.11%20.24%100.11%
15$ 22.83$ 10.36 B$ 1.06 B1.06%0.65%17.59%14.07%
16$ 1.75$ 10.20 B$ 540.62 M1.21%2.69%8.33%64.33%
17$ 151.99$ 10.09 B$ 2.84 B1.08%1.87%15.59%14.62%
18$ 19.36$ 10.01 B$ 285.02 M1.97%1.24%20.21%28.51%
19$ 512.16$ 9.63 B$ 6.40 B0.82%0.27%17.57%20.93%
20$ 42,687.00$ 8.75 B$ 323.37 M0.42%0.78%9.89%12.97%
21$ 1.12$ 7.45 B$ 684.45 M1.02%0.11%20.80%26.71%
22$ 45.29$ 7.34 B$ 215.73 M1.14%1.33%19.84%27.16%
23$ 60.94$ 6.63 B$ 1.20 B1.36%3.74%29.03%20.74%
24$ 0.278591$ 6.55 B$ 398.25 M1.05%0.84%13.37%22.37%
25$ 0.091166$ 6.50 B$ 1.21 B0.84%1.06%13.51%4.21%
26$ 51.83$ 6.22 B$ 497.04 M1.04%2.19%15.82%4.46%
26$ 424.29$ 6.62 B$ 1.13 M0.08%5.06%9.28%12.66%
27$ 7.23$ 6.16 B$ 1.50 B0.41%7.77%18.18%43.85%
28$ 47.31$ 6.11 B$ 4.76 B1.00%1.25%16.99%25.83%
29$ 0.091415$ 6.08 B$ 348.19 M1.15%1.63%18.65%28.32%
30$ 1.01$ 6.05 B$ 334.28 M0.06%0.09%0.11%0.56%
31$ 58.30$ 5.48 B$ 13.38 M0.95%0.06%14.71%9.94%
32$ 5.13$ 5.09 B$ 220.87 M0.72%0.24%18.92%28.78%
33$ 0.022322$ 4.53 B$ 24.49 M0.54%0.15%0.24%0.77%
34$ 219.96$ 4.33 B$ 185.14 M1.13%4.91%9.09%58.09%
35$ 237.29$ 4.25 B$ 182.51 M1.02%1.55%9.48%24.37%
36$ 223.32$ 4.19 B$ 93.86 M0.36%2.06%5.86%184.52%
37$ 18.55$ 4.16 B$ 159.31 M0.46%0.13%13.17%28.35%
38$ 0.021726$ 4.11 B$ 3.23 M0.42%0.04%0.08%0.53%
39$ 307.96$ 4.11 B$ 47.84 M1.10%3.10%11.36%58.11%
40$ 0.000215$ 4.03 B$ 40.46 M0.99%0.56%7.63%171.35%
41$ 0.157978$ 3.98 B$ 36.29 M0.50%0.15%16.59%0.12%
42$ 4.02$ 3.87 B$ 1.21 B0.65%0.48%23.48%22.95%
43$ 66.12$ 3.80 B$ 321.42 M0.44%2.41%0.32%9.13%
44$ 2,870.49$ 3.78 B$ 17.37 M1.03%0.30%14.75%11.04%
45$ 0.000007$ 3.65 B$ 246.89 M0.97%1.90%12.78%2.31%
46$ 275.10$ 3.62 B$ 190.88 M1.72%1.59%22.65%28.40%
47$ 7.65$ 3.56 B$ 311.49 M1.26%2.66%8.16%39.67%
48$ 13.13$ 3.51 B$ 436.37 M1.85%6.76%29.47%38.80%
49$ 0.340273$ 3.48 B$ 181.83 M1.04%2.53%19.52%32.27%





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  • MONEY REIMAGINED: Crypto ETFs - What Can We Learn From Canada's Success Stories?
    by on September 24, 2021 at 3:10 pm

    Recent comments from U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler have reignited the discussion of the future of crypto ETFs in the U.S.This episode is sponsored by Quantstamp and Insider Protocol. In this week’s episode of “Money Reimagined,” hosts Sheila Warren and Michael Casey dive into the world of crypto ETFs and their rocky history with U.S. regulatory bodies. Fred Pye, CEO of 3iQ Corp., joins Warren and Casey to walk through 3iQ’s journey to become the first Canadian investment fund manager to offer a public bitcoin investment fund.An ETF, or exchange-traded fund, is a vehicle through which an investor can access a diversified portfolio of crypto tokens and coins. Though there are many ETFs covering bonds, stocks, commodities and more available to American investors, the SEC has yet to approve a crypto ETF. The first Bitcoin ETF up for consideration was filed in 2013. Since then, 18 applications have been rejected or delayed.With the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission seemingly inching closer to approving a narrowly defined version of a bitcoin ETF, Pye’s insights offer some useful lessons learned from the launch of 3iQ’s Canadian dollar- and U.S. dollar-denominated bitcoin fund. 3iQ now manages over $2.5 billion in assets, offering an indication of the kind of money that might flow into the sector if the giant U.S. institutional market were given the opportunity to invest in bitcoin ETFs.We discuss the work 3iQ did to get regulators comfortable with its price references and the way it structures and manages its funds. There’s something of a square peg-meets-round hole problem with digital assets that trade 24/7, often on unregulated exchanges and with highly volatile moves and social media-driven narratives. But as Pye points out, it’s not the regulators’ job to contain an asset’s volatility. It’s to ensure that what the asset manager is promising is delivered. So, with that in mind, what will a U.S. ETF mean for bitcoin (and later or ether and other digital assets when these are added to the approved U.S. offerings) if and when it is approved? Will people own crypto in their 401 (k)s? Will there be a surge of institutional money into bitcoin? Does it matter that the SEC is leaning toward first approving a bitcoin ETF backed not by the underlying bitcoin but by bitcoin futures? And what does that mean for all the spot bitcoin-backed ETF proposals that have been pending approval for what has, for some, been as long as eight years of waiting?These questions and more, all discussed in this week’s episode of “Money Reimagined.” -Quantstamp is the leader of blockchain security, having secured over 100 billion USD worth of digital assets. Visit to learn why top DeFi projects like Maker, Compound and BarnBridge trust Quantstamp to secure the financial infrastructure of tomorrow. Learn more at Option X algorithm from Insider Protocol allows not only hedge funds but also ordinary users to earn up to 25% per month using the High Frequency Trade Layering method with our Bitcoin bot. You can swap your crypto instantly with our Atlas Swap. For more information, visit episode was produced by Michele Musso, edited by Jonas with announcements by Adam B. Levine.Our theme song is ‘Shepard’. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

  • OPINIONATED: Jamie Rogozinski, Wallstreetbets: ‘Crypto Should Help, Not Replace TradFi’
    by on September 22, 2021 at 1:57 pm

    “I don't think you're going to replace the stock market with the blockchain just because it's better. I think they can coexist. Take all the benefits that you have from blockchain and figure out a way to adapt it."  Jaime Rogozinski is the founder and ousted chief of Reddit’s infamous trading community: WallStreetBets. He spent years watching crypto from the sidelines as a die-hard “stonks only” investor. This week on “Opinionated,” he tells Ben, Danny and Anna how he finally came around.Now, Jaime is playing a leading role in, a project he says mixes global equities, smart contracts and borderless finance. The idea is to give investors a crypto token whose value is linked to trades they might not otherwise make. Jaime says it’s an innovative evolution of TradFi and DeFi.The project is in its early stages, but the gang still has plenty of questions for Jaime. For example: Why would regulators allow tokenized stocks? How do tokenized ETPs differ from ETFs? Is this really going to be a boon for retail investors? Listen to this week of “Opinionated” to find out. This episode was produced, announced and edited by Michele Musso with additional production support by Eleanor Pahl. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

  • MONEY REIMAGINED: OG Edition - Bill Tai on Bitcoin's Early Days and the Social Potential of NFTs
    by on September 17, 2021 at 5:38 pm

    In the second of our “OG edition” episodes, “Money Reimagined” hosts Sheila Warren and Michael Casey sit down with legendary investor, startup mentor, prodigious networker, kite surfer and passionate conservationist Bill Tai. This episode is sponsored by Quantstamp and Insider Protocol. And as an added bonus, he is joined by Danny Yang, the CEO and cofounder of NFTs-for-charity provider Nfinita, of which Tai is the chairman. According to its website, Nfinita is working to “make giving more sustainable and scalable through NFTs, and to enable any NFT to be charitable.” The episode is timed with the launch of OnChain Monkey, a10,000-part collection of monkey-themed NFTs. Uniquely, the collection was created in a single transaction, dramatically reducing the transaction costs that would have otherwise been incurred by any charity that was looking to issue such NFTs for fundraising purposes. In the episode, Tai and Yang explain how the project is looking to tap into the organizing power of communities of interest to drive the development of environmental and social impact projects. Danny also laid out Nfinita’s thinking in a blog post released shortly before this episode. But to get this part of the story, the episode starts with Bill Tai’s personal journey. It began in bitcoin way back in 2010, famously captured in a tweet in which asked whether anyone else was experimenting with bitcoin, which he described as a “P2P digital currency” with “fascinating potential.”But before that, as Tai recounts, it was his experience with the online game Second Life, founded by his friend Philip Rosedale, that led him to discover bitcoin. Money, he explains, is a force that drives the formation of communities, which is why Second Life took off after it created the Linden dollar.From there it is a decade-long journey to a related idea and Tai’s latest passion: NFTs as a motivator of value to bring like-minded people to form communities around causes they believe in. It is a natural extension of Tai’s work as a conservationist, cultivated particularly in relation to the oceans, where he spends a great deal of his time kite surfing. The conversation also delves into Tai’s enviable investment record, having been an early investor in massive success stories such as Zoom, Canva and BitFury, and his reputation as an uber-networker who has a knack for building relationships across ideas and communities. In a period in which angst and concern loom heavy in many places, it’s a conservation that generates an infectious positivity and a hopeful view of how to solve the world’s many problems. This episode was produced and edited by Michele Musso with announcements by Adam B. Levine.Our theme song is ‘Shepard’. -Quantstamp is the leader of blockchain security, having secured over 100 billion USD worth of digital assets. Visit to learn why top DeFi projects like Maker, Compound and BarnBridge trust Quantstamp to secure the financial infrastructure of tomorrow. Learn more at Option X algorithm from Insider Protocol allows not only hedge funds but also ordinary users to earn up to 25% per month using the High Frequency Trade Layering method with our Bitcoin bot. You can swap your crypto instantly with our Atlas Swap. For more information, visit Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

  • ON PURPOSE: Advisors Can’t Avoid DeFi
    by on September 17, 2021 at 8:00 am

    The biggest piece of advice for advisors: “Be conversant, listen, learn and lead.”Join “On Purpose” host Tyrone Ross as he addresses the recent inflection points changing the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) space. In today's technology-focused era, zero-point-something bank account yields are no longer the most sound investment vehicles. Investors, especially the up-and-coming younger generation, are bound to ask about decentralized finance, or DeFi, and how it’s possible to achieve 5%, 20% or even 400% returns.Investors want quality advice for the changing financial ecosystem. What aspects of DeFi do advisors need to be aware of to best support their clients?How can RIAs stay relevant in the age of phones with one-tap access to information, financial services and more?This show is produced, announced and edited by Michele Musso with additional production support from Eleanor Pahl.  Our New Theme song is Walk With Swag.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

  • OPINIONATED: Banks Will Have to Adapt to DeFi, Feat. Eric Wall
    by on September 16, 2021 at 7:32 pm

    This week, “Opinionated” hosts Anna Baydakova, Danny Nelson and Ben Schiller are talking to Eric Wall, chief investment officer at a Swedish hedge fund Arcane Crypto – and one of Crypto Twitter’s favorite trouble stirrers. “I spent my entire 20s in bitcoin. What the f*ck,” Eric tweeted in July on the day of his 30th birthday, and that decade did not pass in vain for him: He’s been trading bitcoin since Mt. Gox (and lost his money there), he worked as a crypto guy in the legacy fintech firm Cinnober, and now he’s advising a hedge fund on crypto investments. Throughout crypto and mainstream. Eric saw a lot and has a lot to say.You might be surprised to learn he doesn’t believe in technical analysis as a basis for trading decisions. Why, and what is he using instead? Just wait and listen. From bitcoin trading basics, we’re going right into the wild world of DeFi. Are there better protocols for DeFi than Ethereum? Is it better to invest in totally decentralized projects, or those that can freeze their coins? Will the regulators clamp down on DeFi and destroy it?And, last but not least, what is the “digital condom” Eric thinks beginning traders might want to use when they jump into the dangerous world of DeFi? Listen to and learn from Eric together with Anna, Ben and Danny!Eric Wall’s Twitter handle is @ercwl. Mentioned on this episode:CoinDesk: Thorchain's RUNE Token Tumbles After 2nd Exploit in 2 WeeksCoinDesk: Poly Network Hacker Releases Private Key for Remaining Looted $141MU.Today: Arcane Assets CIO Ridicules Charles Hoskinson And Cardano For Bitcoin Criticism On TV This was produced, announced and edited by Michele Musso. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at